A few of the Best Winners at the Grand CLIO Awards 2014

Below are a few of the most creative ideas from the Winners at this year's CLIO Awards. The topics, audiences and purposes vary across the board and although most aren't B2B, they have some pretty powerful thinking behind them, taking you 'outside the box'.

Branded Entertainment + Content

This animated short film shows the journey of a Scarecrow who is disappointed in the processed food industry and wants natural, wholesome food instead. Originally released in September 2013, it's received more than 13 million views in a year and the app was downloaded by more than 250,000 people within the first four days of its release. It's a really subtle way to promote the brand Chipotle, created by Creative Artists Agency.

Content + Contact

It's not easy to make Volvo trucks sexy or appealing for consumers or judges; enter Jean-Claude Van Damme. The campaign by Forsman & Bodenfors created a snowball of thousands of spoofs and media mentions, creating great exposure.


Christmas is all about sharing and giving, right? Not for Harvey Nichols who decided to create presents for the selfish givers with this 'I spent it on myself' campaign. Consumers could buy low-cost presents and spend their hard-earned paycheck on themselves. Products included a sink plug, a bag of gravel and elastic bands, created by adamandeveDDB, and was such a huge hit that the wooden toothpicks sold out within a few hours.


Innovative Media

British Airways and OgilvyOne transformed billboards into an interactive ad with a bit of science behind it. On each billboard, a child pointed to a British Airways plane with information on where it was headed. The intelligence behind it was phenomenal... Now that's smart marketing.


Public Relations

Since when did girls being told you were "like a girl" turn into a bad thing? Leo Burnett Toronto worked with Procter & Gamble to work on building self-esteem for young girls and re-define throwing, running or fighting like a girl. This campaign had no fancy visuals, just plain smart truth.

Originally from HubSpot.